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SR 37 & 186th STREET

Intersection Improvement Project

DES No. 1700717

Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana


Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) - Greenfield District


INDOT has developed plans for the proposed SR 37 and 186th Street Intersection Improvement Project (Des. 1700717) located at the intersection of SR 37 and 186th Street in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana.

The purpose of this project is to reduce vehicle conflict points at the SR 37 and 186th Street intersection, as well as improve the efficiency of the intersection by increasing the level of service (LOS) to LOS D or better (acceptable). The need for this project is a result of the number of vehicular collisions at the SR 37 and 186th Street intersection, as well as the existing LOS of F (unacceptable) for both east and west intersection approaches on 186th Street. LOS is a scale (A through F) that classifies operating conditions of roads. In general, the operating conditions of intersections are considered to be acceptable if found to operate at LOS D or better.

The project proposes to convert the existing two-way stop controlled intersection to a reduced conflict intersection. The reduced conflict intersection will redirect all through traffic and left turns from the eastbound and westbound lanes of 186th street to turn right onto SR 37. Drivers from 186th Street will make a right turn onto either southbound or northbound SR 37, merge into a new 12-foot-wide dedicated turn lane, then perform a U-turn using a median opening and continue along SR 37. Drivers wanting to cross SR 37 to continue along 186th Street will follow the same traffic pattern, but once they complete the U-turn they will then turn right onto 186th Street. Signals will not be installed at the U-turn locations. Left turns and through movements from 186th Street onto SR 37 will be restricted. Left and right turns for northbound and southbound traffic on SR 37 will not be restricted. Additionally, existing light poles will be replaced and new light poles will be added along the length of the project to increase night visibility at the median openings. Signage will be added along the length of the project with specific signage directing motorist at the 186th Street approaches and within the medians. The project will require no permanent or temporary right-of-way acquisition. No relocations are anticipated as part of the project. The maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan will be carried out in four phases. All phases will maintain at least one-lane of traffic for each direction along SR 37. Access to all properties will be maintained throughout construction. School corporations and emergency services will be notified of closures prior to construction. The proposed start of construction is Spring 2022.

For more project details, please see the Environmental Document (CE-4) below.


Public Notice (May 19, 2021): The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and INDOT have agreed this project falls within the guidelines of a Categorical Exclusion (CE) Level 4 environmental document. Preliminary design plans along with the CE document and other project documents are available for review below.

All interested persons may request a public hearing be held and/or express their concerns by submitting comments below or to the attention of Sarah Everhart at (317) 547-5580 or on or before June 2, 2021.

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Press Release for 9/8/2020 Public Meeting

Video Presentation

Proposed Project Design Exhibit

Project Development Timeline

Proposed Design Simulation


A public information meeting was held on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, in three sessions (5:30-6:10 PM, 6:15-6:55 PM, and 7-7:40 PM) at the Green Room, Federal Hill Commons Park, 175 Logan Street, Noblesville, Indiana 46060. Additionally, a virtual open house was made available for those who could not attend in person. The virtual open house and materials from the presentation can continue to be viewed below. Please continue to check this website for updates as the project develops.

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